Travel Tuesday - Brugge, Belgium

Travel Tuesday – Brugge, Belgium

I’ve been wanting for a long time to join in on the #traveltuesday blogging fun, so why not start now?
As we’ve lived through our nomadic life, we have traveled a lot and so here is one of my favorites from our last summer in Europe before we had to move back to the States: Brugge, Belgium!
First thing we did was to take a boat ride on the canal & enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the way.

The Church of our Lady Bruge is peeking through the trees.


A Bed & Breakfast tucked away by the Canal.


Boottochten Brugge. There were beautiful flowers everywhere and boats waiting for their turn to take the tourists around.


Coming up on the Bonifacius Bridge.


So serene.


A better view of The Church of our Lady Bruge.


Coming up on the Rozenhoedkaai with some stunning scenery. You can see the Belfry of Bruges in the background – the bell tower on the market square.

2017-02-28_0012 2017-02-28_0013 2017-02-28_0014

There’s a beautiful dead end where the boat turned around and you can admire the Church of Jan van Eyckplein and it’s unique looking tower.

2017-02-28_0017 2017-02-28_0018 2017-02-28_0019

The canal ride was over way too fast – there was so much to see, but we had a lot more ground to cover!

Next, we walked down to the main Square: the Markt. Don’t you love the colors?

2017-02-28_0020 2017-02-28_0021

From there we walked to the Chocolate Museum and enjoyed the little details on the way.



Next stop was the Historium Brugge. The boys were ready!

Looking down at the Markt from the Historium with a great view of the Bell Tower.

2017-02-28_0025 2017-02-28_0026 2017-02-28_0027

Highlight of any Museum is the Audio Guide!


Another beautiful tower in the background: St. Salvator’s Cathedral, as the sun is starting to set and our day in Brugge came to an end.

2017-02-28_0029 2017-02-28_0030

Have you been to Brugge? What was your favorite part?


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