Perception of Self

Perception of Self


I would like you to take a few minutes and watch this video that Dove put up a while ago.

Take your time. Watch it more than once, if you need to.  Let it sink in.


I should be more grateful (…) It impacts everything. (…) It couldn’t be more critical to your happiness.

– Florence

This video makes me cry every time I watch it.

I cry, because I am tired of seeing myself like those women do: tired, closed off, old, fat, critical, negative.

And even when you try and try and try to work on yourself, make plans, make goals, work out, eat better, spend more time with God, drink more water & less caffeine, go for walks, read more books, gain more knowledge, pray more, be more around others, talk more, talk less & on & on & on, do we really get to that point where we FEEL at peace?  Where we FEEL better?  Where we FEEL contentment with ourselves?  Where we FEEL, really feel real?  Like, THIS is who I am and I am grateful for it!  THIS is who I am and I have achieved a state of feeling that I am content with?

I can tick off all the lists and goals in the world and still not come out on the other side at a better place.

And it does impact everything!

It IS critical to your happiness!


I am not a sketch artist.  I am a photographer.

And though in High School we had to draw ourselves once and it ended up looking pretty much like these women here described themselves, I can only put how I feel about myself into an image.

This image.

Miriam Self Portrait 1 copy web


Because, quite frankly, I am tired.  I am fearful I will never get to where I need to be.  I am ashamed for always coming out short.

It’s frustrating & lonely.

And it’s about me.


Then, a good friend recently reminded me of this verse:


psalm 34

I sought the Lord.

And HE answered me.

He answered me…


And how do I honor His answering me?

Am I honoring God then, if I hide behind my fears?

Am I honoring God then, if I can’t even find the courage to look at myself without shame of not keeping His temple healthy and well and alive – body, mind & soul?

Am I honoring God then, if I am not seeking Him enough to look at Him?  He who sees all and loves me!


There is a way to happiness.  It is by becoming radiant!


So, as we journey on I will leave you with this image.

A work in progress & hopefully soon one that has the courage to not look down, but to look at Him – seeking and desiring radiance – to live life to the fullest in His light, for His glory, shining!

Miriam Self Portrait 3 web

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