My Grandmother

My Grandmother

My grandmother is struggling hard with her cancer. As I long to see her, these words came to me:

“I see your pain”, the thunder bellows
Each flash of light ripples through her bones.

“Hold my hand and I will walk with you.
I will cry with you. I will fight with you.
It you can’t, I will carry you.”

“I know you are scared, confused, feel alone.
I am here to comfort you.
I know you are not ready to say goodbye.
I am here to speak for you.
I know you are worried about those you would leave behind.
I will wrap my arms around them for you.
I know you wonder what time it is.
I am here to take that burden away from you.

I am ready to welcome you.
And you are welcome in my midst.
In my midst you will be made whole and alive and well.”

The raindrops plummet to the ground.
“I will cry with them in their pain and sadness.
You and I – we will rejoice, as I bring you home to me.”

She sighs.

-Miriam Pinkston (6/14/2010)