Meg's Beautiful Journey to Motherhood

Meg’s Beautiful Journey to Motherhood

The Journey to Motherhood is such a Beautiful One.  Even more of a Wonder when it is the First Time.  So often we take the Journey for granted, especially when Everything goes smoothly and All are healthy.

Perhaps I am being a little bit emotional about this because of being pregnant with our Fourth (and last…) or perhaps because being allowed to witness Meg’s Journey through the growing of her Little One inside Her, the Birth of Erin Adele, and then being blessed to document her Newborn Memories.  It is always an Honor to be a part of such a Momentous Time in a Young Family’s Life!

Meg and I know each other from church and she is one of those people who are quiet, steadfast and steady with a surprising amount of spunk!

Meg was such a beautiful anticipating Mother with her cute little Baby Bump.

Meg Maternity 47 web

Meg Maternity 10 web

As I already mentioned, Meg is steady… One of the many qualities that come in handy when One lives the Life we both live – that of a Military Spouse.  She is a strong independent military wife, just as much as she is a devoted and supporting partner to her Military Man.

Of course this steadiness also came in handy when going through Labor and Delivery of their beautiful Daughter! Ha.

Meg and and Leo are currently dealing with a very typical Military Reality of not living in the same Location.  Because she did not know, if Leo would make it in time of Delivery, we had made a Deal that she was to call me, no matter what Time it was.  Well, I got that phone call at 2am in the morning, after I had a long night the night before putting together my sons’ three Fasching Costumes, so the phone call was actually a quite funny, in hindsight.  She told me that they were leaving for the hospital now.  I asked if Leo was there?  Yes.  I asked how far along in the process she was?  She told me 2-3 minutes apart in labor.  I remember thinking “Wow, this is going to go fast!”.  Then she said, “I just wanted to let you know, so that if you want to come you can.”  Me: “Do  you want me to come?”.  Meg: “It’s up to you.”  Me: “Alright, I’ll think about it.”  Click.  ….   Hahahaha.  In my defense, I was sooo tired!  It took me two minutes to really wake up and I jumped out of bed, told Grant,  I will do my best to be back before he had to go to work and drove the 30 minutes to the Sankt Johannes Krankenhaus (where I had never been before and since we don’t use GPS, I was very thankful for all the signs in the city of Landstuhl to tell me where to go) and the whole way there I was thinking “2-3 minutes!  Geez!  I want to be there on time!!!”

I got there close after they had.  Meg’s Doula got there a few minutes later, and I would not have wanted to miss out on this incredible Miracle for anything in the World!  Meg’s Laboring and Delivery was so incredible, that afterwards the Nurses, Midwife, etc. kept talking about how they will tell her Story as the One to Beat!  Personally, I felt like I was re-living Jonah’s Birth – my easiest and calmest one…  Meg did an incredible Job!  As did Erin Adele, who was born at 4.19am, less than two hours after they got to the Hospital!

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Less than a Week later, I had the honor of also taking Erin’s First Family Portraits.  Since I already knew the amazing Light in Meg’s House, I was excited and both the Weather (to produce that beautiful Natural Light) and Our Little Main Subject did not disappoint!

Erin Adele 6 web

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