Little Feet, Little Hands & God

Little Feet, Little Hands & God


I have a little boy who is extremely stubborn.  And one of his favorite things is the stairs.  He LOVES those stairs.  He is not quite tall enough to hold onto the rail and take steps down, but he tries.  Daily.

And he does NOT want Mama’s help.  I will hold out my hand and he will giggle and shake his head.  Or just “mmh, mmh” and pull his hand away.

But it never fails, as soon as I reach out my hand, he goes for it for a split second.  THEN he realizes what he is doing and changes his mind.

He does pretty well on his own, but every so often he stumbles.



THIS is when he will grab my hand, as he starts to fall (or my skirt or shirt, or whatever he can grasp).

I love these moments.


Complete trust that I will stay by his side and let him do his thing, learn on his own and let him do it by himself – even though it would be so much faster, if I just picked him up and carried him downstairs (which I admit I do sometimes, but only results in kicking and screaming and climbing back up the stairs to try again…).


Complete trust that when he does need me, I am right there by his side – still offering that hand.

I will cherish those moments as long as they will let me.  For I need that hand as well.  In God.


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

God is there to reach out His hand also.  Always.  Offering us a way to safety.  Everlasting Life.  Jesus.

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