It's the Big 3-2!  ....wait, what?

It’s the Big 3-2! ….wait, what?

The Big 3-2.  My Birthday was yesterday.  I am now 32 years old.

It’s not my 30th Birthday or the New Year or some other monumental milestone.

Except that it is.  It is the milestone of taking Control.  And if you know me and my OCD-tendencies, you know that taking control is huge for me.  Especially since I seem to have lost it.  And because of that I have lost efficiency, my health has suffered, and I have lost Joy of living Life.  To the FULLEST.  I am done waking up every day just to get through the day!



I don’t know who the credit to this image goes to, but it is not from me  – just perfectly expresses my life’s philosophy.

I am done barely making it through the day and falling into bed exhausted.

I am done having to catch my breath after walking up the stairs.

I am done feeling tired and having no energy.

I am done feeling exhausted.

I am done feeling that no matter how “clean” I think I am eating, I am not feeling clean.

I am done thinking it will eventually reverse itself and go back to “normal”, just as soon as _______ (fill in the blank).

I am done.

I am done with all the excuses.  No more.


Yes, in the last decade I have gone through many life’s experiences.

Yes, I have carried and birthed 4 boys in a span of 7 years.

Yes, I’ve struggled with gestational diabetes with 3 out of the 4 pregnancies.

Yes, I have an umbilical hernia that slows me down (essentially a hole in wall of my belly that causes my insides to peek out every time I sneeze… tmi?).

Yes, I have PCSed 3 times in those same 7 years and “followed” Grant’s training career within the military multiple times several months at a time.

Yes, we’ve gone through a 12+ months deployment.

Yes, being married almost 10 years is monumental.

Yes, life takes over and I could list all sorts of other Stressors, that according to Mental Health theories just one of those is a reason for concern.  Just one of those can cause illness and depression.  Just one of those can slow you down.


But that’s just it: Life happens.

To all of us.  All the time.

That is no excuse to wait for the right circumstances.  That is a motivator to take charge and ensure that I can live that life to the fullest, because we LIVE every day!


So, I will celebrate where I am RIGHT NOW!


I am at the lowest on my health journey.

I am at the lowest on my fitness journey.

I am at the lowest on my journey to living with Joy.


Yesterday, I celebrated my Big 3-2.

Today I celebrate Where I Am in Life now and where I intend to go.


Today, I laugh in the face of past excuses!

Today, I take the body my God has given me and I am taking charge.  I am embarking on a Journey that will create a vessel that can HE can use to the fullest to glorify HIM.

Because He made me, I will celebrate and no longer look behind me or wait for circumstances to become “in order”.

Celebrate who you are Banner

Because He loves you now.  Love yourself and celebrate!


My List of Life’s Stressors give me a high risk of becoming ill in the near future.

Well, sorry, but I will change those odds because I CAN.

And I will because I WANT to.

For myself.

For my children who need me and I want to be there for.

For Grant because I’d like to live life with him.

For God because He deserves my All.


Because I yearn to be joyful again.

Because I want to be healthy in Body, Mind & Spirit.

Because I want to be Happy.


Nothing will hold me back.

Not the sleepless nights.

Not the depression bouts.

Not the hernia.

Not the pain.

Not my long list of others things I need to do.

Not my looooong list of excuses.


Looking towards the future now.

Phillippians 3: 13 “(…) forgetting what is behind me and straining toward what is ahead.”

There is always room for improvement – in all Paths of Life.

In order to serve my Lord to the fullest, I want to prepare the Vessel.


Joy, here I come!



Here’s to Joy and Changing those Things that ARE in your Control!


Now, Dance with Me!   (click on “Dance“, if you want to be Happy… lol)


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